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not have much connection to do with our life. As a matter of fact
Some tips By reading blogs here, I find some issues that most of us care about.  Here are some tips (or conclusions made by myself) follows:
A) Many guys are talking of jobs.
Yes, a job is everyone needs to support living. This is more important for those who just graduated from school. They are inexperienced and deficient to social connections. At this phase, they only get paid in low salary. Because it is just the beginning of social life which is totally different from what we had in school life. More sophisticated and complex for us to mingle with.
Another situation is about work environment. Right, it is also important. If we work for a company where people are lame in skills and reluctant to be responsible, we feel upset. It is worse, the boss or the supervisor is more strict and always manage awfully without a clear introduction, then we may feel lost and confused.
Low salary is increasing and improved in line with work experience accumulating. Bad team work or management is something we just can not change. Since most of companies are with weak conception of arranging and assembling. Not every company is perfect. Though we hear of job hopping in many cases, when people feel bad about their positions, just feel ok. It is quite sure we can not avoid to complain a lot, when we calm down, we also have to think about ourselves. A yelling boss might has his own tough problems, such as pressure from the sales of products, and increased cost of materials and human resources, decreasing of profits, and the due of payment of loan from banks. Also, it is the truth. Now the industrial fields are facing the difficulties since recession from 2008, which now reveals the tough moment.  So focus on your job, and later you will be better in manipulation and soon probably to have a better position.
B) About self cultivation and improvement.
I see many of us here wanting to improve something, including English and some other skills we want to learn and master well. But quite often, I see people saying they just feel hard to keep doing it constantly. Actually, study is the lifelong task for everyone of us. Do not give up even if when we are busy. Squeeze some of time studying everyday probably is what we should do. Since the fast pace of modern developed society, we are easily to be dumped by fierce competition. There are always some elites who can take over your position if you are not updating yourself.
What is more the self cultivation is another lesson we have to major. It seems it does not have much connection to do with our life. As a matter of fact, we are now in the world full of indifference and pursuit of luxury. We are definitely going to be lost if we can not resist these. Sometimes we find we even do not read a book after graduation. Even those books we read at school were only text books.
Great book, including novels and some other essays or articles are quite worth for us to read. By reading them we enrich our wisdom and get well the society around us. Meanwhile it calms us down when we meet trifles and tiny petties in life. Then we know how to conduct and deal with things. To be more honest and know the self discipline of human beings.
C) About family.Whatever we are still single or married. To be good with family members. We are encouraged by parents and relatives. Additional, to maintain good friendship with our friends. They are our best support. A phone call and a visit will not cost much of our time. We are gregarious and living with people. Thus we are not alone. Though as individuals, we need to be independent, we need social connection.
To be good with people is the first basic necessity we have to follow. A family especially is the harbor we can rely on. Whenever and wherever you are, just keep contact with them and let them comfortable we are fine. And then we feel powered again. Nothing can be compared with family.
Besides, here are also some of my suggestions:
First we need to keep a good lifestyle. We are usually occupied by work, most of time we are doing assignments and even find it hard to spare personal time to enjoy life. But never get indulged ourselves. Time flies so fast. Look, one more months, there comes to the end of 2015. If we keep good lifestyle. We feel energetic. Enthusiasm does not come out in a short time,oakley sunglasses cheap, if we want to last it, we have to keep it everyday by encouraging ourselves from time to time.
Second we have to make plans. There are many plans. Short term plan, mid term plan and long term plan. If we do not see it seriously, we discover things are going out of control. Avoid to lost in the mess of life, we need to schedule well and then do it according to the plans we made. In the process of realizing goals, we need to be patient. If we got lost, we must go back to check immediately and find out what is the wrong way we might committed, and revise it and go on again.
Third one is about fitness. Anything we do is based on our health. A good status always is the guarantee support us to perform well. By the way, we do not want to have lumps of fat around belly and waist, right? Though we do not have to be trained as well as professional players and muscular men, we keep doing exercise for the purpose of fitness. Most of us just do not have that much time, we can go for walk or jog when we are after work, or do some slight exercises like arms and legs stretching in around twenty minutes. Enough.
That is pretty much I say above. Easier said than done? Yes,I force myself doing it. Hope you guys can be well in everything. Great achievement composed of every small steps.
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